Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Eddie Murphy NEW SONG - Promise You Won't Break My Heart

Ladies and gentlemen the funny man is back singing.  I think we all remember "Party All The Time" a song produced by the late Rick James.  Eddie Murphy is back with a new song, this time he's doing a tender love ballad.

I have to say that it's not bad at all but I just can't get over Eddie Murphy singing.  Jamie Foxx is a comedian and actor who also sings.  We take Jamie seriously when he sings but it's something about Eddie Murphy singing where you expect a joke somewhere.  It's like I expect Eddie Murphy to break into his character of Jimmy Early from Dreamgirls and start singing "Jimmy want ribs, Jimmy want steak, Jimmy want a piece of your chocolate cake" and drop his pants.

Tell me what you think of Eddie Murphy's "Promise You Won't Break My Heart"?

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