Monday, November 4, 2013

Michelle Williams - If We Had Your Eyes [VIDEO]

Michelle Williams - If We Had Your Eyes
This is my song of the moment! I've always been a fan of Michelle Williams also known as the other member of Destiny Child.  I have to say I never got into her Dance music stuff but I loved her in the element of Gospel.  On "If We Had Your Eyes" you can hear that Michelle found a way to bridge the two genre's.

This song is from her newest album "Journey to Freedom" which she described as a Gospel/Inspirational album.  It has a more contemporary feel than her other Gospel projects.  With hip-hop beats and a slick sound.  Gospel music purists will of course not be huge fans of this sound but I think she did a great job bridging that gap of secular music and Gospel music.

The video is also powerful.  I'm loving me some Michelle - If We Had Your Eyes at the moment. Check the video

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