Monday, November 11, 2013

Review of Mariah Carey New Single - Art of Letting Go

The first thought that jumped into my head when I first heard Mariah’s voice on “The Art of Letting Go” is soulful. I think this might be her most soulful song.  She has tackled other big emotional songs throughout the years but you can finally hear real pain in her voice.

It’s not her most commercial song but I would say it’s her most soulful song.  I love the understated strings, the easy piano, the simple drum beat, and a hint of gospel organ. About at the 2.35 mark the beat turns a little more upbeat but then builds to a climax.  The Climax of a ballad is Mariah at her strongest.  Her belt is powerful and she displays that one of a kind whistle note.  Her riffs and runs are not overdone but rightfully done. Miss Carey is killing it!

I think this is a song that Mariah needed to prove to her critics that her voice has gone nowhere.  She’s not singing in a whisper like she did throughout much of her last record.  It’s the powerful voice people fell in love with when listening to songs like “Hero”, “Emotions”, and “My All”.

Part of the lyrics:

I’m making a statement of my own opinion.
Just a brief little reminder to help myself remember
I no longer live in your dominion
No, No, No
Your just trifling, nothing more than a liability
Got to bundle all of your possessions outside of the kitchen window right now
Letting Go
Letting Go Ain’t Easy just exceedingly hurtful
Cause someone you use to know is spinning your world around
And they watch as you falling down

 Lyric wise Mariah is at her realest.  Almost as if she co-wrote this song with K. Michelle.  It’s no beating around the bush on this song. I have to use Mariah's own hashtag on this one #Pow because Mariah did that and slayed on this track!

You can listen by going here

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