Sunday, December 15, 2013

8 Songs I'm Listening To

Me, Cruise ship, Headphones = LOVE

Christmas music, here is what I’m listening to. As an R&B lover I think people will be surprise by the different genres I’m listening to.

Candice Glover – Cried
That’s no surprise here since I’m a big lover of R&B but this girl can sang! Love this song; I look forward to her album release which is supposed to be February 2014.

Ariana Grande – Baby I
It has elements of R&B and Bubble Gum Pop but you can’t tell me this girl can’t sing.  She also reminds me a bit of Mariah Carey although not nearly as much range. She goes from cooing to that upper whistle range so effortlessly. She’s a talented singer.

Brooks and Dunn – You’re My Angel
I love me some Country music. I just started recently getting into Brooks and Dunn though. This song is begging for an R&B treatment though. I’m thinking Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey, or maybe Ruben Studdard? This is just a beautiful song.

Mariah Carey – The Art of Letting Go
Mariah’s voice is not near as perfect as it use to be but I still love me some Mariah. This is clearly not a Pop song but it takes her in a more adult and soulful direction. Might not be a big radio single but I’m absolutely loving this song. Mariah shows she still has a one of a kind voice even if it’s not what it once was.

Curtis Mayfield – Baby It’s You
Of course I’m always listening to some old school R&B. It’s nothing I can say about Curtis that hasn’t already been said.  He’s one of the few artists that can never be duplicated. He’s a bad man! #ChiTown

Demi Lovato – Skyscraper
I’m not a huge Pop music fan but I like this song and I like Demi. This is as deep as a Pop song is going to get. Not quite soul but I can dig it.

Toni Braxton and Babyface – Hurt You
Two artists I absolutely love. I’m glad Toni Braxton didn’t retire because she has too much talent to just go silent and not make new music. This is classic R&B and I’m loving it!

Chrisette Michele – A Couple of Forever’s
When I first heard this song I didn’t even realize it was Chrisette but I instantly loved it. Chrisette voice usually irritates me even though she makes some good music. That sample of The O’Jays “Stairway to Heaven” was perfect!

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