Monday, December 30, 2013

A Look At 2014 For Aretha, Beyonce, and Mariah

Looking forward to 2014, I think of the horrible state of the music industry and some of the Divas that need good showings. I decided to focus on the three ladies that doesn’t need last names: Aretha, Beyonce, and Mariah.

What Aretha Franklin needs in 2014 is a solid album that at least goes Gold. The Queen of Soul will always be the Queen but for her to be more than an aging singer resting on the laurels of her past, she needs an album that will perform as good as 1998 “A Rose is Still A Rose”. I’m happy that the Queen is back with Clive Davis and currently working with Babyface and Don Was. In 2009 Barbra Streisand released “Love Is the Answer” and had a number one album.  I believe that Aretha could chart at least in the top 10 of the billboard chart with a solid album and great lead single. Single wise Aretha is past her Top 40 days and needs to be focus on the R&B charts.

Beyonce: She made a great decision by recording her album secretly and releasing the album with no promotion.  She has enough fans to do something as creative as this.  However, Beyonce still needs a big 2014 for her to not only retain her current fans but get more.  She needs a number 1 single on the US billboard chart. That’s something she hasn’t had since 2008 “Single Ladies”. She also needs to sell at least the same amount as her last album “4”.

Mariah: Miss Carey by being the largest selling female singer ever and the Queen of the #1’s needs at least another top 40 single before she releases her newest album.  “Beautiful” featuring Miguel as nice but that was early 2013 and “The Art of Letting Go” while a soulful single is not a big chart performing single. Mariah needs a song as big as 2009’s “Touch My Body”.  

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