Friday, December 13, 2013

The Dilemma of Writing This Blog

Anybody that has ever met me or even follows me on twitter (@afreshmusic) knows that I’m an extremely honest person. I tell it like it is and I don’t usually hold back.  I've faced this dilemma all of my life.  Much to my parents dismay as a child but friends and family have grown to respect that I’m honest.  I’m the guy that tells you when you’re off key, you look fat in that dress, and you have a receding hairline.  I’m not a critic by profession but I’m a critic in life.  I’m harder on myself than anyone else can ever be as well.

That’s not the real dilemma of writing this blog.  The real dilemma I face is the amount of garbage music I receive in my inbox.  I do understand that PR people are just doing their jobs.  However, it’s truly mind boggling that people put out this much amount of crap and want to call it music.  It truly offends me as a music lover, buyer, and critic.

The dilemma is do I start writing a blog about how crappy the music is? If so, I would have a lot of material! I’d hate to piss off the PR professionals that occasionally send really good music from some great underground artists.

I’ve come to the realization that this is my blog and I’ll do whatever the hell I want.  If you want an honest critique of your music it, hit my inbox afreshmusic at

If you don’t want honesty, I advise all PR people and music folks don’t send it to me.

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