Monday, December 9, 2013 AEC-S-601 Sporty Portable Insert Cards Headphone Black Review

Provider: Tmart
Price: $16.49 with Free Shipping
I recently received an opportunity to do a product review on something that everyone who reads this blog uses; headphones. is a great website that sells inexpensive products. The best thing about is that shipping is free! These Tmart headphones are only $16.49.
One thing I noticed when taking the sport headphones out of the box was that they were wireless but unfortunately not able to connect to my phone via Bluetooth. I was a bit disappointed but it was really easy to insert a mini SD card.

I was impressed with the sound quality. They are not a replacement for your Bose or Beats headphones but they do have a good sound.  The best part is that when exercising they stay on your head. Those rare times when I do work out, I usually go with ear buds but one always falls out. With these headphones I never had that problem.

They are great when you are running on the treadmill. The worst thing that can happen is when you’re in a middle of a run jamming to your special workout song and an ear bud falls out. That did not happen to me with the Tmart headphones. That was actually quite impressive.

They are extremely comfortable as well. The bulkyness that you would experience with Beats headphones are not there. They were just as comfortable while laying in the bed listening to music.

Other pros are: They have a rechargeable battery that easily connects to your computer via USB.

The only con was that it didn’t connect via Bluetooth or a wire to my phone.

§                        It has the function of noise canceling
§                        Soft cushion earcaps for maximum comfort
§                        Volume control in line
§                        Exceptional audio with noise suppression and echo cancellation
§                        High quality headphone for clear voice pick-up
§                        It features sporty and portable design
§                        Supports MP3 and WMA format 

Music Format
Signal to Noise Ratio
≥ 86db
Output Frequency
The Computer Connection Mode
USB2.0 high speed transmission
Transmission Speed
Can reach 5MB / S
Operations System
Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / VISTA / 7
Duration Of Presentation
More than 8 hours
Net Weight
Charging Time
1-2 hours
Supports Display Formats
Blister pack, data cable
14 x 12 x 5cm / 5.51 x 4.72 x 1.97" (L x W x H)
3.53oz / 100g
Package Includes
1 x Insert Cards Headphone
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual

Bloggers Note: This product was given to by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as a payment for the review. While we do accept payola this is not the case. All statements made by blogger is an honest opinion.

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