Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Dream Concert

I took this idea from one of my hero’s, legendary Hall of Fame radio personality Herb Kent. Herb did 5 acts, an opening act, the in-betweens and the closing. I decided to follow the same formula. These people include both dead and alive and all of them at their peak.

  1. Opening Act: Chaka Khan & Rufus – Might as well start this concert right with Chicago’s very own Chaka Khan but I also need her with Rufus. Chaka Khan’s voice during the 70’s was truly a force! I’ve seen her twice in the 2000’s and she’s still a force!
  2. Next up: Luther Vandross – I never had the opportunity to see him live but I’ve watched every live video of him in concert. He puts on a show and his voice is second to none when you’re talking about male singers. His backing singers are even excellent with Fonzi Thorton and Lisa Fischer holding him down.
  3. Next up: Biggie – Tupac is my favorite but can’t any other rapper get the party started like Biggie. Luther is going to get the ladies ready and Biggie is going to start that party back up! Soon as Juicy come on, I know old and young will be on their feet.
  4. Next up: Aretha Franklin – Aretha Franklin in the 70’s? All I can say is OMG! Her voice in peak years can take on anybody. She has so many hits Rock Steady, Call Me, Share Your Love with Me, Natural Woman and the immortal Respect! I’ve seen Aretha twice and she still puts on a great show. Like Chaka and Luther, she has some amazing background singers. It doesn’t matter if it’s her sister Carolyn and Erma behind her or Cissy Houston and The Sweet Inspirations. It’s going down!
  5. Headliner: Michael Jackson – Who else can follow the Queen but the King of Pop? Michael Jackson in his peak is going to shut the show down! He did everything well: both singing and dancing. This is another person I never had the chance to see live but from watching him so many times on award shows as well as videos of his concerts, Mike knew how to entertain! He was the greatest entertainer to walk the earth. 

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