Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Favorite Reporters/Anchors in Chicago

Let’s just say it’s a slow news day here at The Fresh Music Page but here are my favorites. I use to be a regular Fox Chicago news watcher but I am now a WGN news watcher. However, ABC Chicago is another favorite for their evening news. 

Fox Chicago – The new people suck but there is some talent buried all the new fluff
Robin Robinson – She’s still on their website but I know she’s no longer anchor of the 9PM news cast
Darlene Hill
Mark Strehl
Corey McPherrin
Sondra Solarte
Bill Zwecker

Nancy Loo
Micha Materre
Robert Jordan
Robin Baumgarten
Paul Konrad
Larry Potash
Dean Richards
Tom Skilling
Mark Suppelsa
Pat Tomasulo
Muriel Clair
Jackie Bange
Honorable Mention - Tonya Francisco: Haven’t seen a lot of Tonya but she’s like a breath of fresh air

NBC Chicago
Brant Miller
Michelle Relerford
Carol Marin
Marion Brooks
Allison Rosati
Andy Avalos
Alicia Roman
Christian Farr
LeeAnn Trotter
Honorable Mention – Cheryl Scott: Like Tonya from WGN I haven’t seen a lot of her but she’s pretty likable

ABC Chicago
Cheryl Burton
Janet Davies
Val Warner
Chuck Goudie
Leah Hope
Karen Jordan – Looks like her entire family made it on the list (Her father is Robert Jordan and Husband Christian Farr)
Jerry Taft
Ron Mangers
Charles Thomas
Honorable Mention – Kathy Brock: Does a good job and boy does she love her leather blazers!

CBS Chicago
Roseanne Tellez
Steve Baskerville
Dorothy Tucker

People I have no idea if they are even on TV anymore
Diann Burns – She’ll always be my favorite and I’ll always compare every news anchor to her.
Susan Carlson – I didn’t watch CBS too much but really liked her. I hear she might be on NBC Chicago but haven’t seen her
Michelle Leigh – Meteorologist formerly of Fox Chicago, haven’t seen her in years.

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