Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy Black Music Month!!!

Did you know that June is Black Music Month? In 1979 President Jimmy Carter decreed that June would be Black Music Month. President Barack Obama later named it African-American Music Appreciation Month.

I thought about what artist or song I could post as my first post celebrating Black Music Month.  First I said: “Well it has to be Aretha, I mean she is the Queen!” Then I went to digging through music. I came across this beautiful version of “Precious Lord” with legendary singer Marion Williams and the Father of Gospel Music Thomas A. Dorsey telling the story of “Precious Lord”.

Most of the legends came from the church and all that soul came from Gospel music. Gospel music, like Blues and Jazz is a true American art form.  Marion Williams is a singer that inspired Aretha Franklin, Billy Preston, and Little Richard.  That famous “Woo” Little Richard does was him trying to imitate Marion Williams!

Thomas A. Dorsey wrote "Precious Lord" which has been covered by many artists from all backgrounds.  

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