Sunday, September 21, 2014

Morning Cup of Inspiration: Jennifer Hudson - Moan

From Jennifer Hudson's not yet released album "JHUD" this is the stand out track and unfortunately it will more than likely never be released as a single.  This is one of the few songs that exist that shows Jennifer's greatness as a Soul singer.

The song isn't about showcasing her vocals but it shows her SOUL and that makes a soul song.  After listening to "Moan" you feel like she left a piece of her Soul on the song and it stays with you.

I get what Clive Davis is trying to do by leaving the album on the upbeat/dance track side but one day somebody has to realize that is not Jennifer's strength. Like Aretha and Mary J. Blige, Jennifer's strength is sharing the feeling of hurt and overcoming the hurt. Until Jennifer and the music executives realize and tap into that, I don't expect Jennifer to have a big recording career.

Hopefully "Moan" will make them realize her strength as oppose to having her sing some bubblegum type of music that anybody with auto-tunes could record.

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