Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Introducing: The Buppie Life

Buppie - A young Black (African-American), urban professional. People that has never heard the term Buppie before usually say “What?” with a tilted head. I go on and explain what a Buppie means both the traditional use of the word and my take on the term. It is a way for identifying a successful black professional. Being a Buppie is a mindset.

I wanted an outlet to write more about my life, the Buppie life. There are many lifestyle blogs but I have not found any up to date blogs on our lifestyle. Buppies are well educated and have economic power.
This website will focus on but will not be limited to:
*Music & Entertainment

I hope to shine the spotlight weekly on Black businesses and Buppies that are making a move in the professional realm.

If this is your introduction to the term Buppie, you may be asking yourself besides being Black what is the difference between Buppie and Yuppie? Being a Buppie is a unique experience from being a Yuppie. The big difference is being Black. A Black person experiences in the professional realm and especially life is much different than someone who is White. It’s all about the experience.

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