Thursday, April 27, 2017

Battle of the Diva’s: Aretha Franklin Versus Dionne Warwick

There have been rumors longer before this latest one that Aretha and Dionne did not get along.  They have both covered each other songs; Dionne Warwick covered Do Right Woman, Do Right Man on a 1969 album and Aretha had a hit with I Say A Little Prayer in 1968.  Dionne aunt Cissy Houston was a background vocalist for Aretha Franklin for many years. Both Aretha and Dionne are two of the most successful Soul artists of the 1960’s.

Fast-Ford to 2017 and these two ladies just aren’t getting along.  Apparently, Aretha felt slighted by Dionne Warwick five years ago at Whitney Houston’s funeral.  Long ago it was said that Aretha was Whitney’s God Mother but that wasn’t true because Darlene Love is actually Whitney’s God Mother.  However, for marketing purposes when Whitney was getting started in her career, they decided to add that little note.  As if being related to Cissy Houston, Dee Dee Warwick, and Dionne Warwick wasn’t enough!

Five years ago at Whitney’s funeral Dionne Warwick announced that Aretha would be coming to the stage but everyone knew at the time that Aretha would not be there due to leg problems.  That little moment of Dionne throwing subtle shade has Aretha still pissed five years later.  Both Aretha and Dionne performed at Tribeca Film Festival concert honoring Clive Davis.  Behind the scenes, Dionne attempted to hug Aretha but Aretha said: “Oh hell no!” and reportedly faxed the Associate Press detailing the entire event.

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